My “Karen” Translator is the work and collaborative efforts of two Black women and two white women. The four met in one of “Karen’s” favorite stomping  grounds – an office – and forged a lasting relationship, not in small part due to the omnipresence of “Karen” in their daily lives.

The idea for My “Karen” Translator was born out of the barrage of texts, emails and DMs the two Black women were receiving after the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, and the subsequent Great (partial) Wake Up of “Karen”, who suddenly needed their validation, forgiveness and free advice.

The two white women, having much less on the line and much more energy left for “Karen”, seek to lessen the burden of responding to these types of requests and hold themselves accountable to the two Black women. The two Black women advise and hold final authority on all decisions made as this project evolves.

One of the two Black women has chosen to remain anonymous to protect her from…well, you know.

They are all volunteering their efforts.

Caitlin Lombardi (She/Her)

Caitlin hails from Seattle, the land of the secret “Karen”, where she has worked in community engagement, advocacy, fundraising and social impact for the past 15 years. She has had the privilege and honor to engage in race equity work and learn from incredible colleagues and mentors over more than a decade at the ACLU of Washington, and more recently at a start-up dedicated to gender equity. As a white woman, she is dedicated to constant learning and looks forward to the feedback this endeavor will certainly bring. Caitlin thinks her main qualification for this role is that she is curious about other people and doesn’t find it hard to believe Black people about their own experiences. Everything she brings to this project was learned from Black and Indigenous women.

Elizabeth Jarvie (Sher/Her)

Elizabeth, a recovering “Karen”, comes from a background in experiential marketing, creative services and project management. She has led workshops for colleagues on leadership for racial equity and effective allyship, and remains focused in the daily work of dismantling white supremacy culture in every office she occupies. Elizabeth has dedicated the rest of her life to the revolution (as she should) and looks forward to receiving feedback from BIPOC to help grow this project.


Jodi-Ann Burey (She/Her)

Jodi-Ann Burey has a mission to disrupt “business as usual” to achieve social change. She is a speaker, writer, and equity advocate. Her work is grounded in centering the experiences of historically underrepresented communities and the systemic intersectional approaches needed to address inequities. Jodi-Ann also hosts, Black Cancer, a podcast which seeks to center people of color in cancer narratives. Jodi-Ann holds a Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan. She prides herself on being a cool auntie, a twist-out queen, cancer survivor, adventurer and reluctant dog owner. Jodi-Ann is currently working on her first book.

My “Karen” Translator has a legal and ethical duty to protect the privacy of all disclosing parties’ information and the confidentiality of the information shared. My “Karen” Translator has policies in place to assure the confidentiality of this information.