The Karen who says you’re guilt tripping

Dear “Karen,” 

My Karen Translator is a service for BIPOC dealing with everyday racism from colleagues, friends, family, acquaintances and more. My Karen Translator aims to shift the burden of education and growth onto white people who have, consciously or unconsciously, acted out white supremacy in any number of ways.

We were recently informed you repeatedly attacked a woman of color, and those supporting her, for needing financial support. We’re here to give you an opportunity to reflect on this with the shared goal of fighting white supremacy everywhere it arises, including within oneself. 

We found this incident to have the following “Karen-like” (white normative, white-centric, white supremacist) characteristics:

  • Insistence on “being heard” regardless of the circumstances or your impact
  • Tone policing; obsession with “how” a message is delivered and believing you can tell Black people how to talk/write/communicate 
    • Using the above as an excuse to discount or avoid the content of the message
  • Attempting the textbook form of psychological manipulation called “DARVO” by Denying the reality of the situation, Attacking others and Reversing the Victim and the Offender
  • Concern trolling; delivering your racist opinion under the guise of passing along unbiased “information” that could “help”
  • Intense need to insert yourself where you are not welcome; to the extent you found multiple routes to deliver your message even after being blocked
  • Twisting and misinterpreting language to your benefit; insisting multiple times that saying “I don’t want people to just throw money at me and not do the work” was in contradiction to accepting donations. It’s not. Look up the word “and.”
  • Ignorance of the impact racism has on the overall health of Black people, the inequities in health care access and treatment, and the lack of mental health resources & representation for people of color 
  • “Inability to look at yourself”, speak clearly about racism, name white supremacy, or identify own role
  • Obsession with power; desperate last attempt to gain control by saying “I meant to unfollow you” when you had already been blocked
  • Refusal to understand the concepts of mutual aid, community, and wealth redistribution 

It is important to address your total ignorance of how colonialism created and sustains current inequities in wealth, health, access to resources and opportunities. You are a direct beneficiary of colonialism past and present. Engaging in wealth redistribution and community care is not charity, nor is it radical. It is one very small way to address systemic injustice. We encourage you to take the relentlessness with which you attacked Gabriella and redirect it at your lawmakers to enact wealth redistribution policies so that Gabriella never has to reckon with a Karen like you directly ever again.

We hope this experience inspires you to act more boldly against racism anywhere it arises and join the life-long fight for racial equity and Black liberation.


My Karen Translator


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1 thought on “The Karen who says you’re guilt tripping

  1. Gabriella

    Thank you for this translation! These messages were extremely triggering for Gabriella when she’s been going through some of the hardest times of her life. This Karen is one of the things that led Gabriella to deleting her previous IG account where she would share her work and was asking for donations to help pay for treatment. To have a white woman make you feel guilty for asking for help when you’ve been denied services directly due to systemic racism and white supremacy, it can be very distressing, especially for someone who stated they have PTSD and are currently suicidal. As you said, this Karen crossed multiple boundaries by coming where she wasn’t wanted, was unable to look at herself, obsessed with power and was twisting Gabriella’s words.
    SavinggGabriella is the new account, currently being run by an ally so that Gabriella doesn’t have to relentlessly and tirelessly advocate for herself. She’s currently not in a good state, she’s relapsed with self harm, she’s locked down in England with no support and completely isolated except for with her Fiancé who is now also falling into a depression, and the fundraiser is moving painfully slow. We appreciate any support whatsoever! ❤️

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