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We respond to your unique “Karen” situation according to your preferences and approval. Below are a few examples of how we’ve responded to other “Karens” to give you an idea of how that might look.

Common “Karen” behaviors we’ve seen include:

  • Inability to speak clearly about racism, name white supremacy, or identify own role
  • Leveraging the “angry Black woman” racist trope to attempt to temper and/or conflate how Black women are allowed to express themselves at work
  • Seeking assurance/validation from the impacted person
  • Centering own experience, feelings and perceived growth
  • Obsession with own intentions and being “understood”
  • Ignorance of personal impact (past and present) 
  • Out of the blue, performative, opportunistic 
  • Tone policing, gaslighting, sidestepping
  • Concern trolling (hiding one’s true motives behind the facade of looking out for another’s best interests)
  • The implication of consequences if the recipient does not comply
  • Patronizing in tone, embedded superiority

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